Let us introduce ourselves

There has been a store on this corner of the world for as long as anyone can remember. Even our 92 year old neighbour can remember walking up the stairs to the front door when she was 2 years old. For most of its life, this building has housed a grocery store - then "Hollywood Grocery".

The store became part of our family, when it was bought by Peter and Pacita in 1980. They ran it as a grocery store until 1998, when Pacita "Pat" decided it was time for a change and converted it to a pet store.

As a pet store, it quickly acquired new "owners". The most memorable of these was "Tango" the parrot, known for, well, being very parroty. "Elvis", the large Maincoon, took over for him when he found a new home. "Elvis" was joined by "Ellie", who currently runs the store as "Elvis" moved to Kelowna. "Ellie", a now aging Shih-Tzu, has developed a very relaxed managerial style in her old age and spends most of her days sleeping in the sunshine.