Edible Products

You name it, We've got it... well, sort of. Here is a list of most of the products we carry. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call as we may have just missed it off the list.

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Dry Dog Food
Acana Puppy, Small Breed Puppy, Large Breed Puppy, Adult, Small Breed Adult, Lamb and Apple, Lite and Fit, Grasslands, Ranchlands, Wild Prairie, Pacifica, Senior
Canidae All Life Stages, Platinum (senior)
Eagle Pack OriginalNaturalMaturity,
Eagle Pack, Holistic Chicken Meal & RiceLamb Meal & RiceLg and Giant BreedSenior
First Mate Pacific Ocean Fish, Skoki
Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Veg, Whitefish & Potato, Salmon & Veg, Beef Frittata
Go Chicken, Salmon, Grainfree
Natural Balance Duck & Potato, Ultra, Lamb & Rice, Venison & Sweet Potato, Vegetarian, Fish & Sweet Potato
Nutro Lamb & Rice, Large Breed, Lite, Chicken, Oatmeal, & Rice, Senior
Nutro Ultra Adult, Senior
Orijen Puppy, Adult, Senior, 6 Fish, Regional Red
Prism Lamb & Rice
Royal Canin Adult, Special, Weight Care, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Mini Schnauzer,
Poodle, Shih Tzu, Yorkie
Science Diet Puppy, Puppy-small bites, Adult, Adult-small bites, Large Breed,
Adult Light, Oral Care, Senior, Senior-small bites, Ideal Balance Puppy, Ideal Balance Adult
Solid Gold Puppy, Hund-n-Flocken, Holistique Blendz,
Wee Bits
Technical Adult, Lamb & Rice
 Dry Cat Food
Acana Wild Prairie, Pacifica
Eagle Pack Adult
Eagle Pack, Holistic Chicken Meal & Rice
First Mate Fish & Potato with Blueberry
Fromm Surf & Turf, Duck & Veg, Salmon & Veg
 Happy Paws  
Natural Balance Ultra, Reduced Calorie, Green Pea & Duck, Green Pea & Salmon
Nutro Adult
Nutro Max Adult-Chicken, Adult-Salmon, Weight Control, Senior
Orijen Adult, 6 Fish
Royal Canin Baby Cat, Kitten, Adult Fit, Special, Mature Fit, Indoor Adult, Indoor Light,
Intense Hairball, Indoor Mature, Oral Sensitive, Hair & Skin, Persian, Siamese, Spay & Neuter
Science Diet Kitten, Adult, Senior, Light Adult, Adult Hairball, Hairball Light,
Senior Hairball, Indoor Adult, Oral Care, Ideal Balance Kitten, Ideal Balance Adult
Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken
Technical Adult, Senior
Wellness Healthy Weight, Complete Health

Wet Dog Food

Fromm Shredded Pork, Shredded Beef, Shredded Chicken
Natural Balance Lamb, Duck & Potato, Sweet Potato & Venison
Science Diet Adult Beef, Adult Turkey, Adult Chicken, Senior Beef,
Senior Turkey, Senior Chicken
Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain, Wetlands, High Prairie
Wellness Chicken & Sweet Potato, Whitefish, Turkey, Puppy

Wet Cat Food

Azmira Oceanfish, Beef & Chicken
Fromm Chicken Duck & Salmon, Duck & Chicken, Chicken & Salmon, Salmon & Tuna
Merricks Cowboy Cookout, Granny's Pot Pie
Natural Balance Oceanfish, Green Pea & Venison, Green Pea & Chicken, Green Pea & Salmon
Science Diet Beef, Turkey, Liver & Chicken, Savory Chicken, Salmon, Seafood,
Turkey &Giblets, Culinary Creations Oceanfish, Culinary Creations Tuna,
Culinary Creations Chicken, Culinary Creations Tuna
Solid Gold Blended Tuna
Wellness Turkey & Salmon, Turkey, Chicken & Herring, Chicken, Beef & Chicken,
Beef & Salmon, Salmon & Trout, Sardine, Shrimp, & Crab, Kitten,
Chicken & Liver Pouch, Salmon & Tuna

Dog Treats

Aron Veal Chews  
Benny Bullies  
Greenies Dental Chews, Pill Pockets
Natural Balance Rolls, Duck & Potato, Venison & Sweet Potato
Pacific 21  
Pure Bites  
Roll Over  
Solid Gold Tiny Tots
Zukes Mini Naturals

Cat Treats

Cat Grass  
Cat Milk  
Greenies Dental Treats, Pill Pockets
Kooky Kat Nip  
Pacific 21  
Temptations Chicken, Salmon, Seafood Medley, Hairball

Bulk Bins

Bull Sticks  
Darford Biscuits Breath Beaters, Cheese Hearts, Liver Hearts, Vegi-Hearts,
Duck & Goose Feed  
Guinea Pig Pellets  
Hamster Pellets  
Knuckle Bones  
Mouse Pellets  
Marrow Bones  
Milk bones  
Pig's Ears  
Rabbit Pellets  
Rat Pellets  
Raw Hide