U-Bath $9.99


We have

  • a private room, to keep your dog focused;
  • a raised 6' bath tub, to save your aching back;
  • a rubber mat, to keep your dog from slipping;
  • stairs, to help get that dirty dog into the tub;
  • dog shampoo, to clean off the mud;
  • hot water, to wash away the shampoo;
  • grooming tools, to make your job easier;
  • towels and forced air blow dryer, to dry off your pet;
  • and an apron, to keep you dry ... well, drier anyway.

Deluxe U-Bath 15.99


An upgrade from our usual bath!

  • all the features of a regular U-Bath;
  • extra towels, for the hairy beast;
  • choice of 5 extra shampoos, in case "green apple" isn't your thing;
  • hot air dryer, to get the last of the moisture out;
  • and conditioner, to help with those stubborn mats.

And the best part, we do the cleaning up!

The u-bath is currently run on a drop in basis; so feel free to drop by any time to try it out. If you have a limited time frame, like fitting the dog’s bath in between work and soccer practice, we can reserve a spot for you – just call and let us know.

And appointments are recommended in December.

The u-bath is located in the back of the store, so come in through the front door.